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Important notes on using the EuSQL API

All functions return sequences when no errors occur. They will return the integer EUSQL_ERR code on errors (see Errors for details). The only exception to this is for action queries (UPDATE/INSERT/DELETE) when the action could not be performed. Error status is returned on a record by record basis as described in the SQL syntax entry for each type of query. Also note that you may pass empty sequences for db_name and table_name, and EuSQL will use the current database and table.

It is important to distinguish between a field index and an index created on a table for query purposes. When a function requires a field index, it is not asking for the name of an index created for that field. The required parameter is actually the necessary subscript that would be used to refer to the field as a part of the record if the record were stored in a sequence. If the structure of the table were: